Thursday, November 25, 2010


Cancer likes making a comeback, but nobody wants a curtain call from cancer. So keep this in mind as you read the following:

After tasting it, and especially after pricing it, I fought taking it regularly, but Dr Weeks convinced me to take it for a month because it does so many things to prevent the return of cancer. So just what is this mysterious IT?

Called Haelan 951, it is a fermented soy* drink which helps because it contains all five on the National Cancer Institute's 1991 discovery list of foods that have anti-cancer properties. These are isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, and phytic acid compounds. (See Journal of the National Cancer Institute April 17, 1991)

     The stuff, especially the finish, tastes truly nasty, but it doesn't linger on the palate, so I swig down four ounces every morning and evening, rinse my mouth, and take a miniscule bite of a raw vegan brownie, all to obtain the following bennies:

     1. Cancer cells live on and on instead of living a natural life and dying. The process of natural cell death is called apoptosis, and Haelan 951 helps restore this normal process to cancer cells and stem cells that are not yet designated to be the cells of one organ or tissue or another, and can, instead, become cancer cells.

     2.  It helps repair DNA that has been damaged. This damaged DNA is the first step toward cancer formation, so repairing the damage is crucial.

     3.  It reactivates P-53, the tumor suppressor gene. This seems to be especially active in breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

     4.  Cancer cells grow by creating a blood supply of their own. This process is called angiogenesis, and Haelan 951 stops angiogenesis without damaging factors needed by your heart, brain and other vital organs, as chemotherapy drugs can.

     5.  This drink reduces exosomes, which are particles that inhibit your body's immune defense against  cancer.

     6.  Haelan 951 increases another gene which kills cancer cells by allowing apoptosis. This is called BAX, and the drink increases it by 500% compared with Doxorubicin, a chemo drug.

     7.  Also compared with Doxorubicin, used for breast cancer, Haelan 951 decreases BCL2, the gene which allows cancer cells to thrive by evading apoptosis.

All I can say is, I hope it works as Dr Weeks tells me, and fast, because I don't want to use it any longer than I absolutely must. But if it does these things, it should help in the mop-up of any stray cancer cells that could still be floating around in my body.

At my last visit to Dr Weeks for IPT, Walter Wainwright, the scientist who researched and developed Haelan 951, and president of the Haelan Research Foundation, talked with Dave and me for an hour or more about the positive benefits of this product. He explained something I'd never read anything about or heard anyone else discuss. It is the fact that stem cells, which are undifferentiated and have the potential to become any kind of tissue the body requires, can also be turned into cancer cells. But chemotherapy, which can kill cancer cells, does nothing to turn these stem cells back into normal cells. That's where his product comes in, turning potential cancer cells back into normally functioning cells that the body can use as needed, and which live out a normal cell life, then die.

If you're scientifically minded and want to learn more, The Townsend Letter ( published an article in its August/September 2010 issue, #325/26, by Wainwright, explaining in greater detail, using with lots of graphs and charts, and citing many, many research papers supporting the components of this non-prescription product.

As Thanksgiving Day is drawing to a close, I am especially thankful for that clean PET scan, showing no cancer activity, and for the yukky-tasting, but possibly life-saving Haelan 951.

*Soy, generally is not a good food. It has many factors that are toxic, and it cannot be considered a health food, despite all the hullabaloo to the contrary in the media. However, when soy is fermented, those toxins are eliminated, and its good properties come to the fore. The only fermented soy foods I know of, besides the Haelan 951 discussed above, are soy sauce (nama shoyu is raw soy sauce), tempeh, miso and natto. I understand that natto, eaten in Japan, is an acquired taste, and I suspect you have to acquire that taste at an early age!


Monday, September 27, 2010


A Day to Remember: A Day to Celebrate

Did you ever have a day when you didn't even realize you were standing under a black cloud until the sun came out? Today was such a day for me.

I returned from An Oasis of Healing three weeks ago, not really knowing if the cancer that sent me there had completely resolved or not. It was too soon for a PET scan, which would give the answer. Two weeks went by before I could have the scan. Then, after having it last week, I had to wait until today for the results. During that time I didn't think about it too much, because I knew that fretting and worrying wouldn't change the result, but would cause me unneeded anxiety. Today I finally got the answer, and the result was fabulous! NO SIGN OF CANCER ANYWHERE!

Thank you, God, for answering all those prayers from friends, fellow patients, relatives, and myself. Thank you, all of you, for taking a few moments to add me to your prayers, distant Reiki, and various other forms of good vibes. Thank you, dear friends, for coming to my home and giving me Reiki. That includes Dodie, who came often, Fran, Helen, Susan, and Jordan. If anybody else came (and I keep thinking someone did), please chalk it up to brain fog on my part. I'll probably remember in the middle of the night and feel very stupid!

A special thanks to Sheri Bade, a woman I've never met or even talked with, though I did try several times, who lent me her condo for my Phoenix stay of seven weeks. And thanks to Fran for setting that up for me.

The entire staff of An Oasis of Healing gets a huge thank you. Everyone there puts heart and soul into helping all the patients, becoming our friends and families during our time there.

I appreciate Dr. Lodi's dedication to each patient, and to taking his Hippocratic oath of "First, do no harm." very seriously. He stands out from the crowd of doctors who treat cancer because he is willing to help patients with therapies that work by aiming small doses of toxic drugs at the cancer, not spreading large doses of them throughout the body. Because of this, I sailed through the treatment with few side effects. Yes, I did lose most of my hair. OK, anybody else would have shaved off the little remaining, but I wanted to keep my head as warm as possible at night! But I didn't suffer from nausea or loss of appetite, or malnutrition. Indeed, I was far better nourished with each morning's smoothie than most Americans are with a whole day's worth of what they mistakenly think of as food!

The nurses - Michelle, Courtney, Susan, and Tommie (and oh, yes, the pregnant one who worked Fridays and Saturdays - sorry my name-recall-ability has gone blank on me!) worked so very hard, paying close attention to each of us and our needs and conditions, keeping up with everybody, noting changes small and large, administering treatments with kindness and caring.

In the kitchen, Colleen and her helping elf daily created tasty raw vegan meals with variety and originality, then taught us all many of the tricks of doing the same at home.

The supporting therapists all played most important roles, helping us release toxins, both physiological and psychological. They, too, came to be dear friends and helpers along the road to wellness. A special thanks to all of you who contributed your love, kindness and expertise to helping all of us heal.

And behind the scenes, in the offices, everybody's assistance made the journey run smoothly. I appreciate all of you and your contributions to this red-letter day!

All the other patients became dear friends who shared each others' ups and downs, joys, fears, and sorrows. I appreciate each one of you, for all are precious and unique and all are facing the frightening and often difficult task of eliminating cancer from their bodies.

Tomorrow I have a follow-up appointment by phone with Dr Brad Weeks on Whidbey Island, here in Washington, who did one IPT treatment last week, and who ordered the PET scan. I'll find out how best to continue following up, since we know that cancer may not show up on a scan, but can still be in the body in microscopic bits, waiting for the opportunity to reassert itself. He will help me keep that from happening.

One of the most important things Dr. Lodi teaches is how to stop making cancer. So I'll continue with my plant-based diet of mostly raw veggies and a few fruits, small amounts of nuts and seeds, as a way of keeping my body free of cancer in the future.

And I'll continue feeling grateful for all the wonderful people who contributed to this triumph of a healthy body over one with a very scary ailment.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey of healing. I'll be back from time to time, and in the future I plan to write about others who have healed their bodies of cancer using alternative therapies. The world needs to know!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Saying goodbye to Phoenix? Easy! The thermometer stood at 115 the day I stepped off that Southwest jet, and yesterday, September 3, driving away from Mesa, the car thermometer read 118! Yikes! I can't begin to fathom why anybody would ever make a home in this brown, sere landscape. Yet some claim to love it.

I do get tired of our short, dark, cold, and often wet Northwest winter days, but they seldom trap me indoors. Even the famous rain seldom falls all day without letup. Linda and I walk practically every day, only letting the cold or snow stop us for a few days here and there.

If rain is predicted for home, my poor nostrils will welcome air with a little moisture in it. My eyes eagerly seek visions of green trees, blue water, and the loving faces of family and friends.

Still, when I reflect on my time here, it has been mostly positive. I'm very grateful to have had this rare opportunity to learn how to deal with cancer in a less destructive, more natural way, to see the dedication of the staff at Oasis, to meet courageous people who are fighting for their lives, often after receiving cancer treatment at home, then being told there was no hope.

All our stories continue, with progress and sometimes setbacks. I've met some of the kindest, most patient and dedicated people who have come to help their loved ones, whether friend or family, in their struggles for life. All have adhered to the policy of speaking only kind, positive words in the clinic, always seeking the highest good for everyone.

We've become foxhole buddies, forging friendships quickly with people whose paths we would never have crossed anywhere else. The various therapists, the chef and her helpers, the nurses and office staff, the doctors, all have grown to feel like family over these last seven weeks. For all of this I am most grateful and filled with love and hope. Leaving the clinic? That was not as easy. Knowing I'll probably never see these people again, praying for all to grow strong and well, to gain new insight and new health from their experiences here, to go home to forge new lives, using their new knowledge: all that is filled with conflicting emotions.

As Haifa said once, "God has a plan, and it is good. It is all good."

And now, back to the seemingly impossible task of cramming everything back into the suitcases which brought me here with so little. How did I acquire so much stuff? Bundles of Chinese herbs from the acupuncturist, a few clothes from that trip to Chico's, the cute sandals I had to have, bottles and packets of supplements, a humidifier to make the night air breathable, and more. Where did it all come from? And how will we ever get it all home?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Seven and one half!

When I wrote last weekend I was tired and didn't add the brownie recipe. Since it's a perennial favorite at the clinic on IPT days, when we get a sweet treat to bring our blood sugar back up, I said I'd send it, so here it is:

An Oasis of Healing's Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies

3 cups walnuts, previously soaked overnight and dehydrated (this eliminates enzyme inhibitors)
6-8 dates, seeded and soaked 10 minutes or longer. Save the soak water.
1/2 cup raw organic cacao or cocoa powder

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until mixture forms a ball. If the mixture is too dry and not forming a ball, add some of the date water until it does.

Place mixture in a 9" pie pan and spread level with an offset spatula.


1/4 cup raw organic cacao or cocoa powder
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil
1-2 tablespoons agave syrup

Place all ingredients in an bowl and whisk until creamy and smooth. Spread smoothly over the top of the brownies. Refrigerate several hours or overnight.

Serves 8

These are very rich and a small piece is satisfying.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Since Dave arrived about a week ago I haven't done much blogging. He's keeping me busy. Today, August 27, is our tenth anniversary! It's sometimes hard to believe that it's been so long. They have been good years, with lots accomplished, some challenges, and lots of good times and companionship. We'll be flying home together Saturday, Sept. 4, at the end of my seventh week at An Oasis of Healing

A couple of you have asked about the food we eat to stop our bodies from making cancer. As you know, I've had a strong interest in nutrition my entire adult life, and I always tried to feed my family well to enhance our health. I first learned about how we could be healthier from Adelle Davis back in the early 1960s, and there is so much new research and information available since those days.

The trouble is, so much of the information is conflicting, which makes it terribly hard to know what to believe. I've finally come to realize you cannot take any nutrition information seriously if it comes from any publication or TV show that advertises either food or drugs. Well, you ask, where do you get information, then? There are lots and lots of books out there, but most of the authors have an agenda, just as the magazines do. They want to sell you on their diet.

The solution seems to be to consider this: Is it really food? I know that sounds funny, but if your great grandmother wouldn't have recognized it, it isn't food. If she wouldn't have known it as food, neither will your body. You have to realize that every bite you put into your mouth is either helping you heal, be healthy, and strong, or it is contributing to your early demise. Period. If it is food, it came from nature. It isn't cloned, sprayed, laced with chemicals, or denatured by being extruded through a machine to give it a fanciful shape to appeal to the kids. It hasn't had its nutrition removed and replaced with artificial colors, chemical flavors, or weird fats not found in the natural world. Every bite of those things you eat helps make you one of the sick, fat or sick skinny Americans you see every time you step outside the door.

So now we've eliminated practically everything in the entire supermarket. And, when you realize that even the fresh looking produce, unless it has been organically grown, has likely been doused with chemicals from its seed origins to its trip to the store, you know it's time to make a commitment to eat only foods that are actually real and that have not been poisoned. Makes sense, doesn't it, not to spray poison on something you're going to eat?

OK, so now we've got the produce covered. What about bread, milk, eggs, meat? As most of you know, I went back to school a few years ago to study nutrition in greater depth and became a nutritional therapy practitioner. I learned a lot during that intensive year of reading and study. The core of my education was based on the research of Weston A. Price, who traveled to the far corners of our round world to find people who had not begun eating what he referred to as the foods of commerce. He found healthy people in remote areas eating extremely varied diets. They didn't have any of our modern killer diseases. No heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or doctor-caused ailments. They didn't even have rotten teeth. Their teeth were perfectly aligned, not crowded, and their bone structures allowed for easy birthing of babies. These people were about as perfect specimens as you could find, and far healthier than their offspring who moved to town and started eating canned pork and beans, white bread, margarine, shortening, and lots of sugar.

While they ate widely varying diets, they all had some things in common. For one thing, they all ate fermented foods daily, foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt and poi. They all ate animal protein, and all ate some of it raw. They all got lots more of the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K than most of us do today. There were lots of other things they did in common. If you're interested in knowing about them, check out This is just a little background to tell you where I was coming from before I decided to come to the Oasis.

But, when I began looking for results, that is, for programs where they were actually talking about healing cancer, not just shrinking tumors, I found that they were all either vegan or near-vegan. No animal protein, no animal anything. A few of them use some milk products, such as yogurt or cottage cheese, and that's about it. But now there is compelling evidence that dairy products strongly promote the growth of cancer. Nobody is talking about whether the studies showing this use raw or pasteurized milk, but the milk protein, casein, turns the cancer button on. Remove it and other animal proteins, and you can turn the cancer button off.

The China Study by T Colin Campbell, talks a lot about how they discovered this, and the mechanisms involved, including the fact that cultures eating more than 10% of their food from animal sources have much higher rates of all the killer diseases we are so familiar with today. That includes the biggies: heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, as well as the autoimmune diseases that are so prevalent nowadays. And you can see on the charts in his book, the more animal protein they eat, the more the disease rates spike. And I had to realize that I, too, had been eating more beef, because I found a source for well raised, pastured local beef.

So I've been a bit conflicted about this 180 degree turnaround in dietary thought, but when I came here I saw right away they were getting results. People were being healed of cancer. I also found the staff to be professional, busy, slim, vibrant and healthy. When I had to go to the hospital for a little procedure I saw nurses who were nice but seemed to be a bit foggy about the details, moving slowly, and carrying a lot of extra poundage. You sure can't say that about the nurses at Oasis! They are attentive and on top of things. They know what they're doing and they do it in friendly good grace.

If a raw vegan diet heals cancer, then count me in! The food here is interesting, tasty, varied, full of lush veggies, berries and a little fruit (not much, since cancer thrives on sugar), nuts and seeds. The only sweet treats we get are to bring our blood sugar back up into a normal range following IPT, where it has been artificially lowered with insulin in order to feed poison to the hungry cancer cells. Even then, our treats are sweetened not with sugar, but with fruit. The raw brownies are a special delight everybody looks forward to. They are made from only five ingredients, and that includes the icing! They are sweetened with dates and there is a tiny bit of agave in the icing. Mmmmm, delicious! Maybe next time I write I'll give you the recipe.

But for now, it's after midnight and time to hit the sack!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


This will just be a quickie, with two or three things to add, just to keep in touch.

First, I meant to post something last weekend. Some of you have written asking for more information about how to stop making cancer in your body with food. I've put it off because it is such a big, and emotionally tinged subject, but I planned to tackle it last Saturday. Then I woke up not very energetic, so I spent much of the day in a recliner with a nice, easy Sue Grafton novel, nodding off from time to time.

Tuesday when I went in for IPT Michelle, one of the nurses, was rather shocked to find my blood pressure at 70/47! Yikes! I told her that was an all-time record low (previously, in fact when I was in my 20s or 30s, it once measured 80/60). She immediately suspected I had let myself become dehydrated, and immediately started me on a saline drip.

While on the drip I went off to the colon hydrotherapist, Carol, who began pumping water in from the other direction! Oops, probably more than you wanted to know.

Michelle checked with Dr. Lodi and he told her I was needing electrolytes, so she brought in a glass of salt water, from a good sea salt, with apologies. To tell the truth, it actually tasted great, reassuring me that the doc was correct - I needed the minerals!

By the time I got back on track for IPT, my blood pressure was up to 110/68 or so and my problems with not feeling energetic had evaporated. Wow! What a lesson!

Now I'm once more energetic and I won't be letting that happen again.

My second piece of news is that Dave is flying in this evening, to stay until I go home. I was so concerned that his born-and-bred-in-the-Northwest body would never adapt to Arizona heat, and knowing how he loves working outdoors every day, I thought he'd be like a caged lion stuck indoors in the clinic every day. But he's convinced he'll do ok with the situation, so here he comes!

The third thing I'm excited about is meeting Anna yesterday. Anna is her real name (well, since she grew up in China, it really is probably something else, but Anna is what she uses these days). On the clinic website,, there are video testimonials of patients. In hers, from two years ago, Anna, at 80 pounds, is a very sick young woman whose doctor in Hawaii had given her a very dire prognosis. She looked like she would just fade away into the chair. Her voice was weak and she couldn't project it because she had fluid in her lungs. To tell the truth, she looked like she wasn't long for this earth.

Toward the end of her stay she did a second testimonial, This time her strength was returning, she spoke out, and she looked wonderful, because she was healing.

Yesterday, Anna was a force to be reckoned with! She is almost 50 pounds heavier, and very proud of it! Many of us have struggled to keep from gaining too much weight over the years, or to lose and regain it over and over, but the flip side, gaining weight, for people who can't seem to, can be much more daunting. And, she has managed to gain the weight while eating a largely raw food diet of veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Anna is walking enthusiasm for all she learned at An Oasis, for her seemingly miraculous healing, for embracing her new, totally healthy lifestyle, and for telling the world her story. Her husband has joined fully in the project, and they happily spend time together, in the kitchen and out, joyously sharing the good news: you can heal cancer and share love with the world, through alternative healing means, and your newly restored life can be abundantly full of happiness, energy, enthusiasm and vigor.

I'll be doing more writing about Anna and her husband. She has agreed to let me tell her story to the world, and I'm pumped!

So now I'm off to the clinic for another round of IPT, EWOT, Sauna, and more healing. I'm headed in to kill some more cancer cells! Back to you soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Changing names to protect...

Friends, I've been uncomfortable with the fact that, when I first began this by sending an email to friends and relatives, I used some of the patients' first names. Then I turned it into a blog, opening it to a larger readership, and asked them if they mind my writing bits about what they are experiencing. The answer from all was yes, but don't use our names. Well, I finally figured out the editing procedure and made some changes to protect the wonderful folks here healing cancers. From now on, the stories will continue being real, and I'll have fun making up names!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Avoid chemicals in skin products

Every Sunday morning I receive a great little blog from Freni Gurd, of Vancouver, BC. Today she wrote about toxins in beauty products and ways to avoid them.

Think about this: when you take something by mouth, the liver has the opportunity to detoxify it, but when you put it directly on your skin, it goes straight to the bloodstream without filtering. Many of today's products interfere with hormones, or behave similarly to estrogen, causing all sorts of bodily havoc.

There are better products out there, and you can even make some of your own if you wish, but first you need to be aware of what to look out for. And, by the way, take a magnifier to the store, because the ingredient lists are often miniscule.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yesterday a friend emailed after learning I'm here in Arizona for alternative cancer therapy. She mentioned the importance of stress in cancer and other modern ailments. It's true, modern stresses are the kind that stay with us, that don't go away after the tiger fails to catch us. Instead of a short-lived burst, our stresses go on and on. We meet one deadline only to be faced with the next one.

I haven't talked about this, but An Oasis of Healing is about the most stress-free place I've ever been. If the therapies weren't specifically aimed at healing, especially cancer, it would be a lot like spending time at a spa. Yesterday was typical.

My day began at 8 with yoga. Since the morning was mild, Amber, our positive, smiling, and lovely instructor, placed the mats on the shady grass so we could connect with Mother Earth a bit. We breathe and do our positions at an easy pace, and everybody is encouraged to do only what they are able. No lotus position for most of us. Amber asks each of us to set our intention for the day, perhaps healing or loving or whatever feels right. It sets the tone for a day of healing, positive energy, reflecting on the divine within, and feeling the love of God in nature around us.

After getting off to this positive start, Dr. Lodi held a class, one of an ongoing series about the human body, what makes it work, what gums up the works, and how to heal ourselves and never need to see another doctor. Hmmm, I wonder if that means I'll be able to cancel my expensive health insurance...

His focus was on the heart, and he talked about cholesterol and how most doctors see it as a sort of enemy. Yet cholesterol is made in our livers because it is required for life. It is an integral structural part of every cell in our bodies. Without it we would perish. When the body is working perfectly, cholesterol never becomes a problem. Yet doctors by the thousands prescribe Lipitor and other statin drugs to lower cholesterol without ever once questioning what is really causing the problem with clogged arteries in the first place.

He talked about how these drugs destroy Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a substance also required for life. In Japan, he pointed out, when a doctor prescribes a cholesterol-lowering drug, he or she also prescribes CoQ10. When the levels of this coenzyme go too low, muscle breakdown occurs, and it is often irreversible. And guess what, folks? The heart is a muscle! So, while you think the drug you're taking is going to help your heart, it is actually leading to your demise.

Dr Lodi also pointed out that there is no research showing that taking these drugs lengthens life. Indeed, there is research which shows they not only do not lengthen life, but that people taking them die more often from cancer and violent deaths. Yet they are blithely prescribed by the tons to unsuspecting patients all over the Western world.

None of this was news to me, but I imagine it was to some of the other patients in the audience.

Next I went for a session with Dana, our acupuncturist, who mostly works on side effects and other issues we at the clinic may have. I've had only one side effect from the treatments. As part of the IPT, they give us a drug to fight inflammation. A side effect is waking after a few hours and being unable to go back to sleep. So Dana placed a needle or two to help with sleeping, others for the chronic itching, which I've experienced my entire life, and a few others for various odds and ends. I went peacefully off to sleep while the needles did their energetic magic.

Off next to see Kathleen, who does Structural Integration. I was wide awake for this session, which can hurt briefly, but then releases the body structure from incorrect forms it has taken on over years of bad postural and other habits. I'd never heard of this therapy before coming here, but when I described it to Dave he grew excited to tell me about 12 sessions of SOMA, a similar practice, he had had years ago. "I can show you before and after pictures!" he enthused. It's true, I could see differences in my body alignment after the first session. Everybody loves the results of this work. Structural Integration grew out of the original Rolfing, but Kathleen explained that it has evolved beyond the original work of Rolf.

That completed my morning, so I went in for my IV of vitamin C - 100 grams - which, in such high doses, kills cancer cells, but without the side effects of drugs.

Every day is like this, with many other therapies throughout the week, all designed to help us improve immune function, kill cancer cells, relax and balance our bodies, minds and spirits, grow stronger, healthier, whole.

The atmosphere at the clinic is always relaxed, positive, and kind. Every aspect is for our healing.

This morning I awoke earlier than I wished, so I simply lay in bed peacefully, reflecting on the blessings of being here, listening to desert rain on the skylight, and an occasional clap of thunder. I turned off the air conditioning and opened all the doors to refreshing outside air. The Canada geese on the little lake outside the condo were honking in joy at the cooler morning. I can't remember ever being so relaxed.

Peace and blessings to you all.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The miracles I see unfolding at An Oasis of Healing are all science based and well researched. The methods simply aren't much used in the oncology world. It isn't that people get a good PET scan and blood work showing no tumor markers, then go home never to have to be concerned again about their cancer returning. What happens here goes far beyond simply doing everything possible to zap tumors.

There is solid research showing what kinds of diets, and even individual foods, promote cancer and which diets stop the body from making cancer. Every bite of food all of us eat, every drop we drink, either contributes to cancer formation and spread or helps heal us. At An Oasis, every morsel that passes our lips helps our bodies stop making cancer and promotes healing. We learn about this in classes from Dr. Lodi and from others on the staff.

Colleen, our chef, teaches us how to make healing foods delicious and appetizing in classes and demonstrations. We go home with easy recipes for the foods we've been eating. We learn where to shop and what kinds of foods to buy. At home on the weekends we practice our new knowledge and skills, preparing our own food, and during the week we are served delicious, healing meals and juices. We read books on the subject. We become totally dedicated to eating only healing foods in the future, to strengthen our immune systems, to enhance every aspect of body function, to remain well.

Yes, Dr Lodi uses chemotherapy. And yes, he does it differently, to minimize damage to the body and the immune system, while doing maximum damage to the tumors.

In standard chemotherapy the dosages are high, and the drugs travel freely throughout the body, wreaking havoc wherever they go. A small percentage of the drugs go to the cancers, but the greatest portion spreads throughout the system. Most chemotherapeutic drugs are designed to kill all rapidly growing cells, since cancer cells can grow fast. But your hair follicles also produce rapid growth, so they are killed and your hair falls out. Rapidly growing healthy cells in the mouth and throat also take a beating, and patients on chemo often suffer terribly from sores throughout the mouth and throat, making it hard for them to eat, just when the body needs all the nutrients it can get to keep going as best it can.

Blood cells can be terribly compromised, again, just when you most need them to do their jobs and aid your immunity. The immune system itself may be the worst casualty of standard chemo. The immune system is needed now more than ever to help rid the body of cancer. But instead, it becomes disabled, wiped out, unable to perform normal functions, and often opportunistic infection comes along to weaken and even kill a compromised patient.

Some manage to live through those hazards, only to suffer toxicity to the heart muscle, weakening them further when strength is most needed. Often the brain is affected, and sometimes the ensuing brain fog never lifts, even after the cancer has been dealt with as best it can be with those methods.

The differences at An Oasis of Healing are tremendous. Insulin Potentiation Therapy, or IPT, takes advantage of cancer's voracious appetite for sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. While other body cells thrive on oxygen, indeed, produce energy through oxidation, cancer grows and replicates through fermentation, and that fermentation cries out for sugar and refined starches like bread and cookies made from white flour. In fact, cancer's anatomy satisfies its sugar appetite easily, because it has 17 times as many receptors for insulin as normal body tissue, and insulin usually sucks the sugar right into the tumor. It's like feeding liver to a lion!

Cancer's bad habits make it vulnerable to low dose chemotherapy given when the blood sugar is low. So, on IPT days, we go into the clinic fasting and get a dose of insulin. The nurses carefully monitor the fall of our blood sugars and, when they are at the perfect level (definitely not a dangerous place of diabetic coma), they know the many insulin receptors on cancer cells are wide open and hungry, and they administer a dose of chemo, or a combination dose, amounting to 1/10 the standard dose. This smaller dose goes mostly to the cancer. Its' hungry cells lap up this poison, and the rest of the body is spared the toxic effects. If a patient hasn't had previous chemo at another center, they don't suffer the terrible side effects. No hair loss, nausea from poisoning the entire body, no brain fog or cardiac toxicity. The drugs are reserved primarily for the thing we are aiming at destroying: cancer cells.

Everybody is different, and every cancer is different. Some respond beautifully to one drug, while their cancers are actually fed by another. Yet most oncologists use a sort of cookbook approach, treating all of one type of cancer with drugs suggested by a manual. This doesn't allow for our innate biological individuality.

There are a very few labs in this big world that test cancer tissue and circulating blood to find out exactly which chemotherapeutic agents, or combinations of them, work best to kill an individual's cancer. The tests are expensive, but they can be life-saving when a patient isn't responding quickly enough to a drug routine.

Yesterday a patient at the clinic related his experience. His cancer is quite serious and advanced, and he was treated with chemo at home for a short while. The drug combination was killing him, and definitely not slowing down the growth of his tumors. When his doctor told him he had three weeks to live, he and his wife flew to Phoenix the next day. She pushed him in a wheelchair. Tumors on his liver pressed against his spine and the nerves to his legs, and that and his weakness made walking impossible.

At An Oasis, before being given any chemo, he received transfusions to help rebuild his compromised blood, which was weakened by both the cancer and the drugs. He was then started on an IPT routine and got some help. He's been here five weeks and can walk unaided a bit, or with a walker. He is stronger, and his spirit is very alive and strong, but his cancer wasn't responding quickly enough or sufficiently. So he had a biopsy last week to be examined by one of those rare labs, Rational Therapeutics, in Long Beach, California. The result? It turned out that one of the drugs he had been given in Canada was toxic to his tumors, but, when the second drug went into the mix, it cancelled the results of the effective drug!

Now his IPT  only contains the effective drug, and his tumors should respond quickly. I'll let you know.

The third focus of treatment at An Oasis of Healing is the important rebuilding of our immune systems, to keep us strong when we go home. I've never heard of an oncologist who addressed this important function. I won't go into that now, but I will talk more about it in upcoming posts.

So for now, on a drizzly Sunday morning in Phoenix, I'll say goodbye and God bless you all.

Friday, July 30, 2010


It rained in the desert yesterday afternoon and this morning. And with the rain came cooler weather, a welcome reprieve. And humidity! I've noticed far more humidity almost every day here than I ever do at home in the moss-draped regions of the country. But the clouds sped away, followed by the hot July sun, and my car once again turned into a blast furnace.

I've had great news this week. My PET scan showed the tumors in the breast and the lymph node beginning to break up and disintegrate. And it showed no cancer anywhere else in my body. Following the PET scan I received a 25 gram dose of IV vitamin C, which mitigates the damaging radiation from the scan. Did you know that one PET scan (or 10 mammograms) have the same amount of radiation as people received at Hiroshima when we dropped the atom bomb! I can't find the research at the moment, but I read recently that a large percentage of breast cancers are caused by the radiation from mammograms. When I come across that information again I'll post it. So what are you thinking now about that annual mammogram?

Today I came across a book of patient testimonials on leaving An Oasis of Healing. One struck me as especially valuable for anyone facing cancer, wanting an alternative treatment, but uncertain about what method to use in overcoming it. It was from a man who, following an accident, had damage that subsequently caused bladder cancer. He was active, athletic, fit and strong when the accident happened, and, some time later, following surgery to remove the tumors, he was weak, weary, and a very sick man. His oncologist told him he would continue to have bladder tumors and would probably need more surgery every six months or so. When he asked how to prevent this scenario, the doctor coldly told him he could cut his nuts off!

This man was an engineer and had a background in research, so he began looking for a better answer. First he read all about his type of cancer, what caused it, what promoted it, how it spread, and what alternative therapies helped it. Then he went searching for doctors who used those therapies that had a track record of success. After a thorough search he found An Oasis of Healing and Dr. Lodi. He said it was the only clinic he had found that used all the therapies proven to be successful in healing cancer. He came here, stayed a few weeks, and went home cancer free. And, even better, he learned how to stop making cancer through diet. He went home to resume life, not to await a series of surgeries and eventually a younger than necessary demise as the cancer would have spread to the stomach and beyond.

I want to tell the world about people like this man and others. Cancer is epidemic and it is both preventable and curable, but the methods most doctors use too often fail the patient, or even kill the patient. It is a travesty that successful, proven, nontoxic methods of healing cancer are never used, indeed, are little known about, by the vast majority of oncologists. If there is ever going to be change, it must come from the demands of people who know there are alternatives that work. Believe me, change won't come from the lucrative cancer industry.


Doing Cancer Differently

An Oasis of Healing is an amazing place. It is simply crawling with Canadians, who can’t find an alternative like this at home, apparently. The two toughest cases are from Toronto, and family members have been shuttling back and forth, staying a week or so, then going home and someone else coming. These are people who really do need someone here to help them. Yet, they are strong in spirit and they know this is the best chance they have – certainly better than the death sentence given them by their own doctors back home.

Abba, a Lebanese Canadian, is tiny, gentle, strong and accepting of what is, or whatever will come.  She told me, “It is all good. Whatever happens, it is all good.” Her husband, four daughters, and her mom and dad have been with her this week. The daughters are little clones of her, especially the oldest, who is 19. The youngest is only six. All have wildly curly black hair and an exotic beauty. She wears a scarf, not because she lost her hair, but because she is Muslim. She sits with her legs curled under her 82 pound body, seemingly at peace. They discovered a tumor on her pancreas when she went in for surgery to correct what they thought was a hernia.

Her dad and daughters come to the early morning yoga class. When we did an exercise called Stirring the Pot, Dad, who grew up in a village in the old country, was reminded of binding and tying wheat sheaves with a hand-operated machine when he was a boy. And, of course, they cut the wheat by hand, using a scythe. They didn’t have a lot of cancer in his village, where everybody grew their own food and ate it fresh, and nobody sprayed poisons on their crops and gardens. And of course, they worked hard in the sunshine to earn their dinner, while making lots of vitamin D – an important cancer preventive.

Another Canadian, Martie, lives far to the north in British Columbia, in the small town of Ft Nelson, where she works as a bookkeeper in an oil-driven economy. She had a bit of chemo at home after they told her she was terminal. She is having a tougher time than some, because of the toxicity of the drugs, and her hair is slowly coming back in. Still, she remains cheerful and positive, and is improving, with a couple of glitches that will go away. She can’t wait to get away from the Arizona heat. There’s nothing like it in Ft Nelson, BC.
Being here with such people, so much sicker than me, is a humbling experience as I watch them and listen to their positive comments and see them accepting what comes, giving their bodies the best chance possible to cure their cancers. After all, the only real cure for cancer is a strong immune system, and everything they are doing is aimed at strengthening theirs. It is rewarding to see incremental improvements, to share the joy of a good blood test or positive PET scan.

The most exciting news came late today, when Recita finally had her appointment with Dr. Lodi and found her PET scan came back clear of cancer. Recita grew up in Argentina, but moved to Houston as a young woman, married there and has lived there ever since. She, too, is tiny, slim, and has a lively, spicy Latin personality and heavy accent. She feels her highs and lows strongly, and she was positively beaming when she came to tell us all. She has been here five weeks and her husband is driving over to pick her up Friday. The breast cancer that returned two years after mastectomy has been conquered, and she has learned how not to continue producing cancer.

Last Friday Tatiana, from Russia, flew off to London, also with a positive PET scan, and then on to meet her husband in Paris for the flight home to Moscow. She struggled with English, and I found her courageous and strong, to come to such a foreign situation alone. Tatiana and her husband, if I understood correctly, have a publishing company that publishes books about the arts. They recently spent months on one for the queen of Sweden. Tatiana will be back in a month for some follow-up treatment.

As for me, I’m doing great. I enjoy the peace and tranquility of my simple life. Since the center prepares most of my food, there is little work for me to do. I have various therapies all day six days weekly. Yesterday I began my 10-day (or maybe 2 week) juice feast. This is a period of intensive detoxing by drinking only fresh green veggie juices, which are surprisingly good.

Today started with EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy), which is riding an exercise bicycle for 30 minutes while breathing lots of oxygen through a mask hooked to an oxygen concentrator or generator. Next it was into the sauna to sweat out toxins, followed by massage. Then it was time for the IV – a mixed, but low, dose of chemotherapies. While still on the IV, I had a session of colon hydrotherapy. Then, back to the recliner in the IV room, to finish and fall asleep for a good nap before driving back to the condo.

Only two days after the first dose of chemo, I began feeling changes in the tumor. Dr Lodi said, “Cancer is hard. When it begins to break up and degrade it becomes softer and more diffuse.” That seems to be happening already. Because of the low dose, and the way the drugs are targeted at the tumor, there are far fewer side effects. No nausea, no hair loss, nothing noticeable – at least so far, and nothing expected. The nurses check my blood weekly or more often for signs of anything that shouldn’t be happening, watch closely and test blood sugar to make sure it drops to just the right number, so the insulin receptors on the tumor will open wide and invite in the toxic medicines. Did you know that tumors, which ferment on sugar, have 17 times the number of insulin receptors of normal tissue? That’s why this therapy works miracles.

I will be forever grateful to Sheri Bade, a woman I’ve never met or talked with, who is lending me her lovely home to live in while she cools it on the Oregon coast. And I thank Fran Kelly for brokering the deal.
Enough. I hope you’re all well and happy, and that if you ever need a place like this one, you won’t hesitate to come here. But please, if you can, time it for winter!


July 22, 2010
In February I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer - one that doesn't respond to hormone therapies. The doctors wanted to do the works - chemo, mastectomy, radiation. After much thought and research, I found I simply could not do those things. At some point I may agree to a mastectomy, but not yet. Instead, I have embarked on a journey of alternative healing, and I feel confident it will be successful. But I also know that, even if it is not, maintaining a high quality of life is more important to me than one that may be a few months longer while I'm sick and miserable because of treatments. I know that many have lived a long while following breast cancer treatments. But when you look at the statistics, it becomes evident that they have survived not only the cancer, but the treatments as well. They have my deepest respect and prayers for their continued health. But they have taken a path I simply cannot.

There is much wrong with our illness care system today, much of that stemming from the power that drug and insurance companies and the FDA wield over doctors, hospitals, and treatments, making it almost impossible for doctors to do anything innovative, or even to use very successful treatments that are common in Europe and other parts of the world. I won't go into that now, but I will touch on it in future updates.

Last Thursday I flew from cool Olympia into a pizza oven otherwise called Phoenix, Arizona. The temperature that day was 115. It hasn't cooled a whole lot since. But that doesn't matter, since I'm simply existing in an air conditioned world and only step outside to go from car to clinic to condo. Today I wished I'd had pot holders for the steering wheel. Linda, you warned me! I’m saving the little bands they use to hold gauze against the exit wound from removing IV needles to use to crochet pot holders! Right!

There has to be a very good reason for going to Airzona in July, and this is it: An Oasis of Healing, or, if you want to check it out, This clinic uses many well-researched and successful therapies to heal cancer, often cancers that mainstream medicine has given up on. I'll tell you about some of the therapies, and how they relate to healing cancer, as I experience them.

I'd also like to tell you about some of the other patients, if they are willing to let me share something of their stories. We all have a story, don't we? For now, suffice it to say, I've met patients from Toronto, Ft. Nelson, BC, Maryland, North Dakota, Chandler, AZ, and Russia. There are others I haven't talked with yet. Some have completed their therapies and only come in occasionally for follow-up. When I look around, I appear healthier than most, because many of them have been treated for a little while by the typical therapies, until they realized that the treatments would kill them before the cancer had the chance. Several have very serious cancers, cancers that are almost always fatal, and they appear to be getting better.

One man was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in March, and subsequently lost 50 pounds. Now he appears almost skeletal, except his liver, which has several palpable tumors. When he arrived three weeks ago he was in a wheelchair. Today I watched him walk into the therapy center with just a little support from his dad. He has 2- and 4-year-olds at home and his devoted wife is with him.

The four young daughters of another Canadian patient flew in yesterday, so happy to see their mom. This morning they were at yoga class, the six-year-old basking in the pleasure of sitting out on the lawn doing poses, and getting a little extra attention from the teacher, her older sisters and grandpa joining in the fun.

This looks like a place where miracles happen. I hope you'll enjoy the stories of people who remain hopeful and positive, who visit, joke and nap while getting IV treatments, people who are truly living one day at a time, seeing the good in life and understanding poignantly that we are all in God’s hands.

With love to all,