Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sixteen: Oleander Soup!

I’ve never explained to my loyal readers why I chose an alternative cancer therapy. Many of you know. I doubt anyone in this country is unacquainted with the damaging effects of chemo and radiation. Dr. Lodi at An Oasis of Healing told me that surgery – even a biopsy -- causes cancer to spread. When I looked at statistics for the type of cancer I had, and my age, I discovered that doing full-dose chemo would give me only a three percent chance of living more than five years! Three percent! And for that slight possibility of living a few months, or maybe a couple of years, longer, I would destroy my immune system, likely be sick for months, and possibly cause permanent damage to my heart and brain, and also the nerves in my hands and feet, causing neuropathy that might not go away!

Instead, I opted for no surgery (I did have a biopsy), Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy (IPT) in very low doses, and no radiation. I consciously chose a higher quality of life, even if it were to be shorter. Yet I know that cancer often returns, so I have continued many of the protocols, supplements, and dietary changes I began last year, and I’ve kept on studying and learning about alternative solutions. So far I’ve remained cancer free.

Today I came across something I’d somehow missed. I have no idea why it never came across my radar, especially in the last few years of reading extensively about cancer alternatives. What I learned was so stunning that I got excited and read about it for most of the day.

While many natural cancer treatments help substantially, they often fall short of a total cure, just as do surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. What I learned today is that there is a natural substance that has been curing cancer for years. Actually, it has been used medicinally for several thousand years. A Turkish doctor learned about it in the early 1960s and began experimenting with it. He began curing cancers, and the more he learned and worked with this natural remedy, the higher his success rate became, until he was curing about 90%! This figure far exceeds typical cancer treatments today.

Eventually he developed this into a medicine which he patented, and later sold to another company. The product is being made now in South Africa, and it is a total stunner. Why? Because, not only is it alleviating and even curing many cancers, very quickly shrinking tumors and helping patients feel much better, it has been used in controlled medical experiments and found to totally alleviate (dare we say cure?) AIDS! Hepatitis C also responds, with patients totally normalizing their liver function. There have been a few people who have reported good results with various autoimmune diseases as well.

I won’t go into detail, because the story is well told at To get the whole story, be sure to read all the articles on the right side of the Home page about oleander. You’ll come away shaking your head and wondering how this amazing secret has been so well kept while out in the wide open spaces of the internet.

And for more good news: not only is this supplement available through the internet, the website tells you how to make your own at home for pennies! This can be a problem for many, because it is made from the oleander shrub, which grows everywhere in California and across the south, but loves hot summers and can’t tolerate temperatures lower than about 15 degrees, so it’s not a likely candidate for our Northwest gardens. 

We can be thankful we can buy it and save ourselves the trouble of boiling up a pot of oleander soup.
Those of you who have lived where oleander grows may know it is a toxic plant. But, when you follow the instructions carefully, the resultant soup, or extraction, is not toxic, and its’ only side effect seems to be diarrhea if too large a dose is taken too quickly. To overcome this problem, you simply filter the watery broth four times and start with tiny doses, working up to a full tablespoon three times a day over a couple of weeks.

Can you tell I’m excited? This herbal supplement has even helped people who had already gone through chemo and radiation, something many natural remedies don’t do too well. Some of the people using it continued with chemo, while others opted to use the natural remedy alone. There are lots of testimonials on the site.

I invite you to print this and keep it for future reference, since every one of us knows people who could use this information. Not everyone will choose this, but I think everybody facing a serious diagnosis like cancer, AIDS or HIV should at least have the option of learning about what is available, the track record for any treatments offered (something most oncologists hedge about), and should be given the option of deciding what they think will best serve them. Unfortunately, vested interests are running the medical world, and they have managed to make it illegal for oncologists to tell people about anything other than the usual cut, poison and burn. So do your friends and relatives who find themselves diagnosed with cancer or another serious disease a huge favor, and let them know they do have other options - and those options may be far better than the things their doctors are able to offer.