Thursday, August 19, 2010


This will just be a quickie, with two or three things to add, just to keep in touch.

First, I meant to post something last weekend. Some of you have written asking for more information about how to stop making cancer in your body with food. I've put it off because it is such a big, and emotionally tinged subject, but I planned to tackle it last Saturday. Then I woke up not very energetic, so I spent much of the day in a recliner with a nice, easy Sue Grafton novel, nodding off from time to time.

Tuesday when I went in for IPT Michelle, one of the nurses, was rather shocked to find my blood pressure at 70/47! Yikes! I told her that was an all-time record low (previously, in fact when I was in my 20s or 30s, it once measured 80/60). She immediately suspected I had let myself become dehydrated, and immediately started me on a saline drip.

While on the drip I went off to the colon hydrotherapist, Carol, who began pumping water in from the other direction! Oops, probably more than you wanted to know.

Michelle checked with Dr. Lodi and he told her I was needing electrolytes, so she brought in a glass of salt water, from a good sea salt, with apologies. To tell the truth, it actually tasted great, reassuring me that the doc was correct - I needed the minerals!

By the time I got back on track for IPT, my blood pressure was up to 110/68 or so and my problems with not feeling energetic had evaporated. Wow! What a lesson!

Now I'm once more energetic and I won't be letting that happen again.

My second piece of news is that Dave is flying in this evening, to stay until I go home. I was so concerned that his born-and-bred-in-the-Northwest body would never adapt to Arizona heat, and knowing how he loves working outdoors every day, I thought he'd be like a caged lion stuck indoors in the clinic every day. But he's convinced he'll do ok with the situation, so here he comes!

The third thing I'm excited about is meeting Anna yesterday. Anna is her real name (well, since she grew up in China, it really is probably something else, but Anna is what she uses these days). On the clinic website,, there are video testimonials of patients. In hers, from two years ago, Anna, at 80 pounds, is a very sick young woman whose doctor in Hawaii had given her a very dire prognosis. She looked like she would just fade away into the chair. Her voice was weak and she couldn't project it because she had fluid in her lungs. To tell the truth, she looked like she wasn't long for this earth.

Toward the end of her stay she did a second testimonial, This time her strength was returning, she spoke out, and she looked wonderful, because she was healing.

Yesterday, Anna was a force to be reckoned with! She is almost 50 pounds heavier, and very proud of it! Many of us have struggled to keep from gaining too much weight over the years, or to lose and regain it over and over, but the flip side, gaining weight, for people who can't seem to, can be much more daunting. And, she has managed to gain the weight while eating a largely raw food diet of veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Anna is walking enthusiasm for all she learned at An Oasis, for her seemingly miraculous healing, for embracing her new, totally healthy lifestyle, and for telling the world her story. Her husband has joined fully in the project, and they happily spend time together, in the kitchen and out, joyously sharing the good news: you can heal cancer and share love with the world, through alternative healing means, and your newly restored life can be abundantly full of happiness, energy, enthusiasm and vigor.

I'll be doing more writing about Anna and her husband. She has agreed to let me tell her story to the world, and I'm pumped!

So now I'm off to the clinic for another round of IPT, EWOT, Sauna, and more healing. I'm headed in to kill some more cancer cells! Back to you soon!