Friday, July 30, 2010


It rained in the desert yesterday afternoon and this morning. And with the rain came cooler weather, a welcome reprieve. And humidity! I've noticed far more humidity almost every day here than I ever do at home in the moss-draped regions of the country. But the clouds sped away, followed by the hot July sun, and my car once again turned into a blast furnace.

I've had great news this week. My PET scan showed the tumors in the breast and the lymph node beginning to break up and disintegrate. And it showed no cancer anywhere else in my body. Following the PET scan I received a 25 gram dose of IV vitamin C, which mitigates the damaging radiation from the scan. Did you know that one PET scan (or 10 mammograms) have the same amount of radiation as people received at Hiroshima when we dropped the atom bomb! I can't find the research at the moment, but I read recently that a large percentage of breast cancers are caused by the radiation from mammograms. When I come across that information again I'll post it. So what are you thinking now about that annual mammogram?

Today I came across a book of patient testimonials on leaving An Oasis of Healing. One struck me as especially valuable for anyone facing cancer, wanting an alternative treatment, but uncertain about what method to use in overcoming it. It was from a man who, following an accident, had damage that subsequently caused bladder cancer. He was active, athletic, fit and strong when the accident happened, and, some time later, following surgery to remove the tumors, he was weak, weary, and a very sick man. His oncologist told him he would continue to have bladder tumors and would probably need more surgery every six months or so. When he asked how to prevent this scenario, the doctor coldly told him he could cut his nuts off!

This man was an engineer and had a background in research, so he began looking for a better answer. First he read all about his type of cancer, what caused it, what promoted it, how it spread, and what alternative therapies helped it. Then he went searching for doctors who used those therapies that had a track record of success. After a thorough search he found An Oasis of Healing and Dr. Lodi. He said it was the only clinic he had found that used all the therapies proven to be successful in healing cancer. He came here, stayed a few weeks, and went home cancer free. And, even better, he learned how to stop making cancer through diet. He went home to resume life, not to await a series of surgeries and eventually a younger than necessary demise as the cancer would have spread to the stomach and beyond.

I want to tell the world about people like this man and others. Cancer is epidemic and it is both preventable and curable, but the methods most doctors use too often fail the patient, or even kill the patient. It is a travesty that successful, proven, nontoxic methods of healing cancer are never used, indeed, are little known about, by the vast majority of oncologists. If there is ever going to be change, it must come from the demands of people who know there are alternatives that work. Believe me, change won't come from the lucrative cancer industry.

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  1. You might be interested in this radio programme, broadcast today on BBC Radio 4, about Vitamin D and deficiencies in that in northern European countries. Touches on a topic we discussed at Easter.