Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yesterday a friend emailed after learning I'm here in Arizona for alternative cancer therapy. She mentioned the importance of stress in cancer and other modern ailments. It's true, modern stresses are the kind that stay with us, that don't go away after the tiger fails to catch us. Instead of a short-lived burst, our stresses go on and on. We meet one deadline only to be faced with the next one.

I haven't talked about this, but An Oasis of Healing is about the most stress-free place I've ever been. If the therapies weren't specifically aimed at healing, especially cancer, it would be a lot like spending time at a spa. Yesterday was typical.

My day began at 8 with yoga. Since the morning was mild, Amber, our positive, smiling, and lovely instructor, placed the mats on the shady grass so we could connect with Mother Earth a bit. We breathe and do our positions at an easy pace, and everybody is encouraged to do only what they are able. No lotus position for most of us. Amber asks each of us to set our intention for the day, perhaps healing or loving or whatever feels right. It sets the tone for a day of healing, positive energy, reflecting on the divine within, and feeling the love of God in nature around us.

After getting off to this positive start, Dr. Lodi held a class, one of an ongoing series about the human body, what makes it work, what gums up the works, and how to heal ourselves and never need to see another doctor. Hmmm, I wonder if that means I'll be able to cancel my expensive health insurance...

His focus was on the heart, and he talked about cholesterol and how most doctors see it as a sort of enemy. Yet cholesterol is made in our livers because it is required for life. It is an integral structural part of every cell in our bodies. Without it we would perish. When the body is working perfectly, cholesterol never becomes a problem. Yet doctors by the thousands prescribe Lipitor and other statin drugs to lower cholesterol without ever once questioning what is really causing the problem with clogged arteries in the first place.

He talked about how these drugs destroy Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a substance also required for life. In Japan, he pointed out, when a doctor prescribes a cholesterol-lowering drug, he or she also prescribes CoQ10. When the levels of this coenzyme go too low, muscle breakdown occurs, and it is often irreversible. And guess what, folks? The heart is a muscle! So, while you think the drug you're taking is going to help your heart, it is actually leading to your demise.

Dr Lodi also pointed out that there is no research showing that taking these drugs lengthens life. Indeed, there is research which shows they not only do not lengthen life, but that people taking them die more often from cancer and violent deaths. Yet they are blithely prescribed by the tons to unsuspecting patients all over the Western world.

None of this was news to me, but I imagine it was to some of the other patients in the audience.

Next I went for a session with Dana, our acupuncturist, who mostly works on side effects and other issues we at the clinic may have. I've had only one side effect from the treatments. As part of the IPT, they give us a drug to fight inflammation. A side effect is waking after a few hours and being unable to go back to sleep. So Dana placed a needle or two to help with sleeping, others for the chronic itching, which I've experienced my entire life, and a few others for various odds and ends. I went peacefully off to sleep while the needles did their energetic magic.

Off next to see Kathleen, who does Structural Integration. I was wide awake for this session, which can hurt briefly, but then releases the body structure from incorrect forms it has taken on over years of bad postural and other habits. I'd never heard of this therapy before coming here, but when I described it to Dave he grew excited to tell me about 12 sessions of SOMA, a similar practice, he had had years ago. "I can show you before and after pictures!" he enthused. It's true, I could see differences in my body alignment after the first session. Everybody loves the results of this work. Structural Integration grew out of the original Rolfing, but Kathleen explained that it has evolved beyond the original work of Rolf.

That completed my morning, so I went in for my IV of vitamin C - 100 grams - which, in such high doses, kills cancer cells, but without the side effects of drugs.

Every day is like this, with many other therapies throughout the week, all designed to help us improve immune function, kill cancer cells, relax and balance our bodies, minds and spirits, grow stronger, healthier, whole.

The atmosphere at the clinic is always relaxed, positive, and kind. Every aspect is for our healing.

This morning I awoke earlier than I wished, so I simply lay in bed peacefully, reflecting on the blessings of being here, listening to desert rain on the skylight, and an occasional clap of thunder. I turned off the air conditioning and opened all the doors to refreshing outside air. The Canada geese on the little lake outside the condo were honking in joy at the cooler morning. I can't remember ever being so relaxed.

Peace and blessings to you all.


  1. ahhh, I can feel myself relax as I read the account of your day. If we could only put a number of those elements into our routines, wouldn't we all be peaceful, happy & in good balance!


  2. You are giving us all such a gift, Rebecca....this is all information most people don't know about. Thank you for "putting it down" for the benefit of others. Oasis sounds like such a blessing.

  3. This blog really is keeping us connected, whether you know it or not! With every read I see you in this comfortable and healing environment. Keep getting well my friend. I miss you. Your walking buddy...who is really a slacker these days.

  4. Thanks for this peace filled post. Love to you....